• Kula Cooler 2.5

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    The KULA 5 set the standard for cool and just when you thought round couldn’t get much cooler, we tapped it. 9 months later, the KULA 2.5 was born. This baby may be half the size, but it packs a whole lotta punch...hunch punch that is. Press the button to dispense! Lightweight, easy to carry and holds ice till the cows come home – The 2.5 is there when you’re in need of some cool. Why this KULA?...Cause it’s gotta tap!



    Roto molded plastic construction that led the Gator Proof Alliance to certify these babies “GATOR PROOF.”


    Badass® Insulation

    We’ve cold tested the KULA for days in a bunch of different conditions and found that your ice will consistently outlast you in the heat.


    Bottle Jaws™

    Yeah, it comes with an integrated stainless steel bottle opener. Shouldn’t every cooler?


    Lid Trax™

    The KULA makes the perfect seat so we figured we might as well make it more comfortable.


    270 Hinge

    With a unique rear rubber hinge the KULA lid can open ‘all-the-way’ so that you can grab your drink from any side.


    Sticky™ Feet

    Sticky rubber feet help keep the KULA from sliding all around and keep it stable enough to use as a step stool, sitting stool or even a casting platform.


    Travelink™ Latch Points

    We’ve built in side mounted stainless steel pins for the Travelink™ carry sling just in case you need a helping shoulder to carry the load.


    Onehand™ Latch

    No Explanation needed. You can open and close the KULA using just one hand.


    Tote™ Handle

    Outfitted with a rotating stainless steel handle, the KULA can easily be transported with one hand.


    Tub Drain™

    We put the drain plug on the bottom. Where it should be. No more nasty water hanging around.


    5 Year Warranty

    We are so confident in the quality of the KULA, we back it with a 5 Year Limited Warranty.


    Flow Vent

    Let the good times flow. The flow vent allows air in while using the tap, but doesn’t let anything out.


    2.5 Gallons  Color: Grey or Seafoam


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